Consulting Services


Fire Safety Engineering

Our Fire Safety Engineering Team are able to develop fire and life safety strategies to meet the goals and objectives of all stakeholders. This includes undertaking value-engineering exercises, qualitative and quantitative risk assessment, preparing sophisticated modelling to assess fire behaviour, occupant evacuation and structural performance, developing Performance Solutions to meet the relevant Regulatory Requirements and inspection, testing, auditing and certification services.

Fire Protection Engineering

Our Fire Protection Engineers have the ability to not only undertake detailed design of fire systems up to approvals stage but they are also able to undertake fabrication design including a bill of quantities, pricing and the procurement of equipment. Our team understand constructability issues and can oversee contract administration responsibilities and construction monitoring on behalf of the client through to commissioning, inspection and certification. Our Fire Protection Engineers can also undertake compliance and maintenance inspections to give you peace of mind that your fire safety systems are providing adequate life safety and property protection.

Technical Safety & Risk

Our Technical Safety and Risk Engineers deal with high-risk facilities, particularly hazardous areas including hydrocarbon processing and containment. They are able to undertake a suite of Risk Studies including Fire & Explosion Consequence Analysis & Hazardous Area Classification. The results of these studies are used by the team to develop the design of Active and Passive Fire and Explosion mitigation strategies including fire water and foam systems, gas suppression systems, fire and gas detection layouts and passive protection systems.