Commercial & Infrastructure Projects


Roy Hill Ore Remote Operations Centre

The Roy Hill Iron Ore (RHIO) Remote Operations Centre (ROC) is a custom built, high technology, central automation facility located within the Perth Airport Precinct. It supports the adoption of automated plant and equipment by remotely controlling the mine, rail and port facilities for the Roy Hill Project in the Pilbara region of Western Australia.

The Control Room within the state-of-the-art facility will operate on a 24-hour 7-day basis and include specialised plant and equipment to support its functions. In addition, the facility will house the Client’s corporate headquarters for the technical and administrative support to the ROC and overall company in critical planning and scheduling to facilitate the optimisation of business and management decisions.

A Fire Safety Engineering Assessment was undertaken during the initial stage of the project to identify any non-compliance issues with the proposed design, allowing alterations to be made in order to achieve compliance. Ultimately, a number of performance based approaches were utilised to meet the Performance Requirements of the building code, such that cost savings and/or an increased freedom in the design was achieved.

For this project a number of fire protection systems not only provides asset protection and increases occupant life safety; it also permits business continuity with minimal disruption in a post-fire event.

Perth International Airport

Complete Fire Design was engaged to assess and develop a holistic fire safety strategy for Perth Airport’s International Terminal building. The strategy was developed by Complete Fire Design to allow for a consistent approach to fire safety between the multiple extension and refurbishment projects proposed for the International Terminal. This strategy also had to be consistent with the current conditions within the existing building, so that there was no degradation in the level of life safety in areas not being extended or refurbished at this time. By following a holistic fire safety strategy, multiple design teams with different fire safety and fire protection consultants could develop designs that would work with each other and the existing terminal building.