Complete Fire Design (CFD) was established in 2003 and has purposefully grown to become dedicated providers of high quality Fire Safety, Fire Protection, Loss Prevention and Technical Safety & Risk Engineering Services for the Commercial & Infrastructure, Mining & Industrial and Oil & Gas Markets. Our prized list of Western Australian, National and International Clients demonstrates our ability to deliver outstanding service. Our enviable list of projects demonstrates our technical ability and our attention to detail.

Mission Statement

As professional engineers and scientists, we are passionate about the science, logic and precision of facilitating a functional and safe built environment. Our objective is to provide only the most practical Fire Safety, Fire Protection, Loss Prevention, Technical Safety and Risk Solutions, whilst at the same time incorporate the highest level of ethical, social, environmental and economic standards.

Our Vision

To be recognised by employees, peers and clients as being at the forefront of our industry for customer service and technical ability.

Our Values

When Complete Fire Design started in 2003, its founders used the values they held dear as the basis for the fledging company’s success. These values have set the course for the direction of the company, which has achieved our intended goals and realised our aspirations.

Over a decade later, these values are as important today as they were then and have become enshrined in the culture of the company.

A company’s values are fundamental to its thinking and the way:

It grows and develops;
It benefits society;
Selects its team members;
Works with its clients, suppliers and partners, and the way it impacts on the environment.

Quality Assurance

CFD strives to position itself at the high-end of the Fire and Life Safety Engineering Sector to support large-scale engineering and construction projects. Our premium service offer demands the highest standards of Quality Assurance and Quality Control. Accordingly, we maintain a well-established Quality Management Program based upon ISO 9001:2008 Certification. This Program is designed to underpin CFD’s ability to consistently exceed the expectations of our clients by providing innovative, practical, timely and cost-effective fire safety, fire protection, loss prevention and risk engineering solutions that enhance occupant life safety and property protection in event of unwanted fire and explosion. The system is located on our dedicated in-house intranet system and is maintained by our Quality & Document Controls Co-ordinator.

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